Pickup from the store

After choosing a solid fuel boiler, Marten on our website, you can pick it up from our own store, at the same time, we recommend that you notify the manager about it. Our manager will know all the details of the order from you, and also will record the planned time of your arrival for the boiler. In this case, the service of the loader is not provided, and the loading of the boiler is carried out by the customer independently. Please consider this when choosing this method of delivery!

Delivery to the Intime branch

Solid-fuel boilers Marten are delivered to the selected branch of "New Post" within 1 - 3 days. After placing the order and sending the boiler from the manufacturer's warehouse, our manager sends you an SMS with a unique number of the shipping note. Having received the invoice number, you can find out the date of delivery of the boiler to your city on the carrier's website.

For many models of solid fuel boilers Martin our shop provides free delivery. In order to find out the price for the delivery of your chosen boiler to the Novaya Poshta branch in any city in Ukraine, you need to contact the manager who will pre-calculate the shipping cost.

Keep in mind! All goods are carefully checked at the factory by the quality control department immediately before shipment, while he is insured for the whole cost. Once you receive your order, be sure to check it in the office with the delivery service officer. If the product you will find various mechanical damage or the integrity of the package will not survive, then by right you can make claims to the delivery service. The delivery service is obliged to compensate you for the damage caused, if its fault is confirmed.

Address delivery in Ukraine

Also, our store provides targeted delivery home to the customer from Monday to Friday by the New Post service. This type of delivery you can order from the store manager when ordering for solid fuel boiler Martin.

If your order was issued after 12.00, then the goods are sent only the next business day.

If the goods are available in warehouses and when ordering delivery before 12.00, the shipment takes place on the same day.

If the delivery is ordered on Saturday / Sunday, the goods are sent to the delivery service on Monday.

Note! When choosing any of the listed types of delivery, without fail, the manager, preliminarily by phone, will agree with you the address, time, cost and delivery date. And also all other details of the order of the solid fuel boiler.

It is important that when you receive the goods from the courier, you need to sign a special act of acceptance-issuance, so you confirm the receipt of the parcel and check for lack of defects and have no complaints about the online store marten.kiev.ua.

* The brand-name store of the manufacturing plant marten.kiev.ua uses the services of the carrier "Nova Poshta" to deliver its goods. Accordingly, the delivery time can be changed by the carrier. We recommend you to track the ordered goods on the carrier's website: novaposhta.ua/tracking by the invoice number. You can ask for the invoice number from the store manager.