Cash payment in the store

In Kiev, you can pay for a solid fuel boiler Marten directly in the brand-name shop of the manufacturer at:

Sobornaya Street (Lenina), 13

Petropavlovskaya Borshchagovka,

Kiev region,

Of.211, the second floor.

A sales receipt is issued to you by the sales manager in confirmation of payment.

 Payment for the Privat Bank card

For your convenience and quick order of the Marten solid fuel boiler, non-cash payment on the Privat Bank card is possible. This payment can be made in any bank, terminal or with the help of the "Privat24" service.

Get the card number (card details for payment) from the manager via SMS, phone or e-mail.

Attention!!! To expedite the dispatch of the goods, inform the store manager of the payment made.

Payment by bank transfer

For non-cash settlement for solid fuel boiler Martin you simply need to request an account on the boiler from the store manager for any phone convenient for you, listed on the site:

The store manager will send you an invoice by e-mail. You can pay this account in any bank at the cashier's office or with the bank account of the company. A package of all documents that are required for legal entities is provided.

Payment by card in the store / on the site

If you have a MasterCard or Visa card, you can pay for the Marten on-line solid fuel boiler directly on the site:

To do this, simply click on the "Buy" button in the product card, filling in a few simple fields required for delivery, you will go to the secure site of the payment system where you will enter the card details for payment and confirm this payment.

We recommend following the tips on the site.

If you have any difficulties with on-line payment, please inform the store manager by phone, and he will consult you in detail or choose a more convenient method of payment!

Also, directly, in the corporate store, a POS-terminal is installed, which gives you the opportunity to pay the boiler to Marten with your bank card. Having chosen this type of payment - do not forget to take the card with you!

Cash on delivery

You can pay the boiler by cash on delivery, specifying a convenient method of delivery with the store manager, when ordering a solid fuel boiler, Martin:

Address - at home by the service of Intime;

On the branch of Intime, where you will take the pot yourself.

You make payment in cash specifically to the delivery service specialist. After this, upon receipt of the parcel, you confirm the fact of checking the parcel by signing the acceptance certificate, that is, that it corresponds to your order. That is, you do not have any claims to the carrier's company and the online store, agreeing with the external presentation of the order.

Important!!! The buyer pays a commission for sending the cash on delivery (2% of the cost of the boiler). If, you do not want to pay this commission, you can choose another payment method, for example, transfer to a card.

Buying a solid fuel boiler in the factory store or on the official site of the manufacturer, you can pay it in any convenient way and get an official guarantee from the manufacturer for 36 months!