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Marten Base solid fuel boiler MB-18 kW is a large boiler with an output of 18 kW that can maintain a comfortable temperature in an area of ​​up to 180 square meters. The boiler is installed on the floor and is easily connected to any heating system, heating the water in a roomy tank of 47 liters. The solid fuel boiler on the wood quickly warms up to the desired temperature, and a one-time fuel load is enough for 5-8 hours of operation, depending on the installed capacity - from 30% to 100%.

A feature of the Martin Beys 18 kW boiler is a large deep furnace (570 mm), which allows you to load firewood up to 50 cm without wasting time on additional cutting of firewood.

The Ukrainian company Marten produces reliable heating boilers for firewood according to European technologies. Sheets of quality boiler steel 3 mm thick are processed on an automated line, turning into the details of the future boiler. These parts are fed to the second line with special robotic welds that weld the whole structure with high precision and guarantee the excellent quality of each product.

The use of such technological solutions allows us to guarantee the operation of the boiler for 3 years, with a calculated service life of the Martin Beys 18 kW boiler for more than 10 years. Normal maintenance of the boiler does not require any complicated operations: timely cleaning of the combustion chamber and grates from ash and carbon deposits, cleaning the chimney and monitoring the temperature and pressure in the water chamber guarantee normal operation of any kind of fuel. The Marten Base 18 kW boiler will provide you with economical heating on wood, anthracite or briquettes.

This and other economical wood-fired boilers you can buy on our website. If you are in doubt, what characteristics are needed for your home or dacha - ask the consultant questions you are interested in. Having received advice and having issued a purchase with any payment method, you will receive free shipping throughout Ukraine by New Mail.

The main technical characteristics of the boiler
Rated boiler output, kW 18
Approximate heated area, m² 180
Fuel primary / alternate anthracite, bituminous coal / wood
Heat exchange surface of the boiler, m² 1,8
Efficiency at least, % 76
The duration of operation of the boiler on a single load, h 5-8
The water tank in the boiler, l 47
Weight without water boiler, kg 125
The required flue gas chamber, Pa 20-25
Flue gas temperature at the outlet from the boiler, ° C 140-220
Recommended minimum water temperature, °C 58
The maximum water temperature, °C 95
Nominal (maximum) water pressure, MPa (bar) 0.25(2.5)
Test water pressure, MPa (bar) 0.4(4.0)
Power consumption, W -
The diameter of the water connection pipes, mm 40
Steel Thickness, mm 3
The size of the boiler furnace
The depth (length), mm 570
Volume, dm³ 62,7
Recommended parameters of the chimney
Cross-sectional area, m² 248
Inner Diameter, mm 178
The height (the minimum allowed), m 5
D ÷(x/y), mm 210/102
Overall dimensions
(B) Width, mm 412
(L) The length (depth), mm 868
(H1) Height, mm 753
(H) Height, mm -
(L1) length (depth), mm 824
(L2) length (depth), mm 1027

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