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Brand: «Marten»
Product Code: MB-12
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Boiler Marten MB-12 is an inexpensive solid fuel boiler, the main advantages of which are: unpretentiousness, reliability, excellent quality of production at an affordable price!

Boiler Marten Base MB-12 with a capacity of 12 kW designed for heating houses up to 120 m square. The boiler is welded from steel 3 mm thick. Has a loading chamber is quite large. In this boiler, the chamber allows you to load firewood up to 30 cm long, which is quite convenient. The boiler doors have a sealant that does not allow smoke to enter the interior of the room. The heat exchanger is a water jacket around the perimeter of the boiler. Plus, there is a baffle inside, around which flames and cross tubes are filled with water, 5 mm thick seamless, made of boiler steel. They serve to ensure that the smoke coming out of the boiler, stayed in the furnace as long as possible and more temperature was given directly to the heat carrier. The boiler is equipped with ash box to remove ash. Also, there is an additional door installed above the ash pan to remove the coal slag, if the boiler is running on coal, or to remove firewood residues. The grates are water-filled, made of seamless pipe 5 mm thick. In the lower door of the boiler there is an additional small door for supplying air to the combustion chamber. On the side there is a hole for connecting the mechanical traction control, which through the chain controls the opening of the small door and due to this the boiler operates. Also, operation without a regulator is possible. In this case, you will need to open the air supply door yourself. Therefore, the boiler Marten Beys MB-12 kW will be the optimal solution for small houses, especially in places where there are problems with electricity.

Mechanized welding of the details of the future boiler makes it possible to obtain a high-quality welded seam. We want to note that the plant "Martin" uses, in the production of all boilers, a double weld for the reliability of the boiler's design. Also, after the production of a blank (a boiler without skin), the design is tested for its integrity under increased pressure in the test shop.

The boiler Marten Base MB-12 is one of the best inexpensive solid fuel boilers in the Ukrainian market, it is really durable, safe equipment, designed for long-term operation.

The operational period of this model is at least 10 years.

Warranty on the boiler Martin MB-12 is 3 years!

Buying boiler Martin Beys 12 kW in the brand store, you get free delivery directly to your home.

The main technical characteristics of the boiler
Rated boiler output, kW 12
Approximate heated area, m² 120
Fuel primary / alternate anthracite, bituminous coal / wood
Heat exchange surface of the boiler, m² 0.93
Efficiency at least, % 76
The duration of operation of the boiler on a single load, h 5-8
The water tank in the boiler, l 32
Weight without water boiler, kg 80
The required flue gas chamber, Pa 20-25
Flue gas temperature at the outlet from the boiler, ° C 140-220
Recommended minimum water temperature, °C 58
The maximum water temperature, °C 95
Nominal (maximum) water pressure, MPa (bar) 0.25(2.5)
Test water pressure, MPa (bar) 0.4(4.0)
Power consumption, W -
The diameter of the water connection pipes, mm 40
Steel Thickness, mm 3
The size of the boiler furnace
The depth (length), mm 320
Volume, dm³ 26
Recommended parameters of the chimney
Cross-sectional area, m² 248
Inner Diameter, mm 178
The height (the minimum allowed), m 5
D ÷(x/y), mm 210/102
Overall dimensions
(B) Width, mm 412
(L) The length (depth), mm 459
(H1) Height, mm 753
(H) Height, mm -
(L1) length (depth), mm 415
(L2) length (depth), mm 618

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