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Brand: «Marten»
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Boiler Marten Beys 12 kW is a small heating boiler with a cooking surface that can be used to heat a room of up to 120 square meters. A solid fuel boiler with a cooking surface can be purchased to ensure the thermal independence of your home or cottage. The cooking surface will allow using all the heat generated by the boiler for practical purposes and prepare food without electricity and gas.
For the production of boilers is used quality boiler steel thickness of 3 millimeters. On an automated assembly line, welding robots under the supervision of qualified engineers collect reliable boilers, the term of operation of which is 10 years. At the plant, boilers are additionally tested under high pressure for tightness and reliability of all joints.
The boiler is quickly installed and connected to an open or closed heating system. The heating power is adjustable from 30% to 100%, which also allows to control the combustion rate of the fuel. The boiler normally works on wood, anthracite or special briquettes, the burning rate of fuel is 5-8 hours, depending on the output capacity.
Economical solid fuel boilers Marten Base are characterized by good reliability and pleasant design. Boilers are painted with a special powder paint, which does not spoil from high temperatures, and for years will remain as bright and saturated.

Here you can look at the entire Marten Base lineup and buy a boiler with a hob that fits you according to the parameters. Delivery by New Mail - at our expense.
The main technical characteristics of the boiler
Rated boiler output, kW 12
Approximate heated area, m² 120
Fuel primary / alternate anthracite, bituminous coal / wood
Heat exchange surface of the boiler, m² 0,93
Efficiency at least, % 76
The duration of operation of the boiler on a single load, h 5-8
The water tank in the boiler, l 28
Weight without water boiler, kg 96
The required flue gas chamber, Pa 20-25
Flue gas temperature at the outlet from the boiler, ° C 140-220
Recommended minimum water temperature, °C 58
Nominal (maximum) water pressure, MPa (bar) 0,25 (2,5)
Test water pressure, MPa (bar) 0,4 (4,0)
Power consumption, W -
The diameter of the water connection pipes, mm 40
The size of the boiler furnace
The depth (length), mm 330
Volume, dm³ 26
Recommended parameters of the chimney
Cross-sectional area, m² 248
Inner Diameter, mm 178
The height (the minimum allowed), m 5
D ÷(x/y), mm 210/102
Overall dimensions
(B) Width, mm 428
(L) The length (depth), mm 514
(H1) Height, mm 773
(L1) length (depth), mm 470

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