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Brand: «Marten»
Product Code: MC - 33
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The long-burning boiler of Ukrainian production Marten Comfort MC-33, 33 kW with a large loading chamber and a combustion control system is able to operate on the same load from 8 to 24 hours. This model is optimal for heating up to 330 m2.

This boiler is made of heat-resistant boiler steel thickness of 5 mm, welded seams are produced by a robot, which in turn guarantees high quality and reliable operation of the boiler.

The boiler is equipped with a Polish control unit and a fan.

The boiler top is spacious - 87 liters.

Increased heat exchanger area. The boiler heat exchanger has a three-way shelf construction. The area of ​​heat exchange is 2.5 m2.

The peculiarity of the heat exchanger is its smooth and easily accessible surfaces, which makes it easy to clean it, which maintains high efficiency and saves fuel.

The boiler is equipped with water-filled grates, which are made of seamless pipes 5 mm thick.


Thanks to the enlarged combustion chamber and the water-cooling grids, an additional heat transfer area appears, which also increases the efficiency of the boiler.

The boiler doors are equipped with a sealing ceramic cord 20 mm thick and inside are filled with heat-insulating heat-resistant material.


The boiler body is insulated with mineral wool to maintain heat and ease of use.


The principle of the combustion chamber is that for the air supply there are several holes, located vertically, which provides layer-by-level combustion of the fuel.

The set includes a tool for cleaning the heat exchanger, there is a tray for ash of increased capacity.

The chimney has a circular cross-section 180 mm in diameter and comes out upward, as shown in the photo.

At the back there are water connections.

The boiler is convenient, practical, saves fuel and has a low cost compared to other boilers of similar design and power.


 Advantages of the Comfort MC-17:


Reliability - control unit in boiler polish, brand Tech.

Powder painting, high quality welded seam.

This is really reliable equipment, designed for long-term operation.

The estimated use of the equipment is 15 years.

Warranty for Marten boilers is 3 years.

Practical - long burning time thanks to a large loading chamber.

The boiler of this model works on all main types of fuel (coal, briquettes, firewood).


The main types of fuel are firewood, coal, briquettes.


You can order a boiler on the site through the basket, after which the manager will contact you for clarifying and confirming the order. Or by phone. To place an order in the phone mode, you need to provide your full name, phone number and shipping address!

You can pay the boiler for a card, for an account (with VAT) or cash on delivery upon receipt.

The main technical characteristics of the boiler
Rated boiler output, kW 33
Approximate heated area, m² 330
Fuel primary / alternate Anthracite, hard coal / wood
Heat exchange surface of the boiler, m² 3,2
Efficiency at least, % 85
The duration of operation of the boiler on a single load, h 8-24
The water tank in the boiler, l 115
Weight without water boiler, kg 358
The required flue gas chamber, Pa 20-25
Flue gas temperature at the outlet from the boiler, ° C 110-170
Recommended minimum water temperature, °C 58
The maximum water temperature, °C 90
Nominal (maximum) water pressure, MPa (bar) 0.15(1.5)
Test water pressure, MPa (bar) 0.3(3.0)
Power consumption, W 85
The diameter of the water connection pipes, mm 50
The size of the boiler furnace
The depth (length), mm 520
Volume, dm³ 136
Recommended parameters of the chimney
Cross-sectional area, m² 248
Inner Diameter, mm 178
The height (the minimum allowed), m 5
Overall dimensions
(B) Width, mm 610
(L) The length (depth), mm 820
(H1) Height, mm 1393
(H) Height, mm 1610
(L1) length (depth), mm 740

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