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Brand: «Marten»
Product Code: МIT-250
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Purpose and brief description


Industrial heating boiler Marten Industrial T MIT-

250 kW is a high-quality and inexpensive solution for heating domestic, industrial and other premises with an area of ​​up to 2500 m2, as well as for heating water (DHW) with indirect heating boilers.

As fuel, wood, wood waste, peat and peat briquettes, lump peat and coal are used. The fuel is burned in the boiler chamber (furnace) on water-cooled (optionally - cast-iron) grates with automatic air supply to the combustion zone with the help of a fan.

The combustion process is controlled by a microprocessor controller.


The design of the industrial solid fuel boiler Marten Industrial T MIT-250 kW

1. Boiler body

2.  A firebox

3. Return water supply tubing

4. Direct Water Supply Pipe

5. Sleeve for controller sensor

6. Socket for relief valve

7. Connection for boiler safety group

8. Smoke output

9. Air injection fans

10. Rear audit hatch

11. Doors for cleaning of combustion residues

12. Fuel loading doors

13. Doors for cleaning the heat exchanger

14. Rigging eyes (staples)

15. Condensate draining

16. Connection for draining the coolant

17. Fire-tube beam

18. The first rotary chamber

19. The second rotary chamber

20. Zone of collection of combustion residues

21. Air supply openings


The boiler Marten Industrial T MIT-250 kW is made of high-quality steel with a thickness of 6 mm. The external steel walls of the boiler are painted by the high-temperature powder coating method.

Structurally, the boiler is a prefabricated welded structure consisting of three main parts: an ash chamber (pos. 20), a combustion chamber (firebox) (pos.2) and a convective beam of flame tubes (pos.17) inclined with respect to the horizontal axis of the boiler.

On the front of the boiler there are three doors. The upper doors are designed for cleaning the heat exchanger. The averages are designed to control the flame, fuel loading and ignition of the boiler, as well as to clean the inside surface of the furnace. Lower doors are designed to remove ash from the boiler.

The fuel for the boiler is loaded onto a grate made of thick-walled seamless pipes, through which water constantly circulates, which makes it impossible for them to burn out. The process of burning fuel in the furnace takes place with the participation of air, which comes through the air supply holes (pos.21).

High-temperature combustion products enter the first rotary chamber (post 18), then pass through the heat-resistant pipes (pos.17), then through the second rotary chamber (pos.19) again pass through the heat-resistant pipes and through the chimney outlet (pos.8) are discharged from the boiler through the chimney.

The boiler top allows burning the amount of fuel that is necessary to maintain the temperature set by the user on the panel of the automation unit.

The controller conducts permanent measurements of the water temperature in the boiler using a sensor located on the top of the boiler (pos.5).

In the upper part of the body there are rigging elements (pos.14),

are provided for lifting the boiler with the help of load-lifting mechanisms.


Scope of supply of industrial long-burning boiler:

1. The boiler assembly

2. Automatic control unit

3. The fan

4. Passport, operating instructions for the boiler

5. Boiler cleaning kit


The main advantages of the model Marten Industrial T MIT-250 kW:

the possibility of using solid fuel in operation with humidity up to 60%;

Universality - any type of solid fuel can be used;

Robotic welding;

heat-resistant steel with a thickness of 6 to 8 mm;

Fire-tube heat exchanger;

Two-way combustion chamber for solid fuel;

water-filled grates;

High efficiency - up to 87%;

imported electronics (TM "TESN");

powder painting.


The guarantee for the boiler is 36 months.

You can order a boiler on the site through the basket, after which the manager will contact you for clarifying and confirming the order. Or by phone. To place an order in the phone mode, you need to provide your full name, phone number and shipping address!

Also, you can visit our firm store of solid fuel boilers Marten in Kiev at the address:

Petropavlovskaya Borshchagovka

Ul. Lenina, 13

(second floor)

You can pay for the boiler in our store, at the bank for details or for an account (VAT included).

In order to receive an invoice with VAT it is necessary to send your company details to the mail: In the subject line of the letter indicate: "Account for the boiler (name of the boiler)."

For consultation, please call the numbers on this website.

The main technical characteristics of the boiler
Volume of water in the boiler, l 720
Rated boiler output, kW 250
Approximate heated area, m² 2500
Fuel primary / alternate Firewood, Anthracite, Fuel briquettes
Heat exchange surface of the boiler, m² 26
Efficiency at least, % 86
Weight without water boiler, kg 1900
The required flue gas chamber, Pa 30-50
Flue gas temperature at the outlet from the boiler, ° C 160-230
Recommended minimum water temperature, °C 50
The size of the boiler furnace
The depth (length), mm 1300
Volume, dm³ 820
Recommended parameters of the chimney
Cross-sectional area, m² 300
The height (the minimum allowed), m 12
Overall dimensions
(B) Width, mm 960
(L) The length (depth), mm 2030
(H) Height, mm 2020

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